|Me2day/100626| Dara: Dara’s natural pose

절대로 어색하지 않은 포즈! 참 자연스럽죠 ㅋㅋㅋ

The pose that’s never awkward! It looks so natural ke ke ke

Source and Credit: ygladies


|FANCAM| Bom + Minji signing autographs in LA!

Some lucky fans got to meet 2NE1 at a hotel in LA! They also posted up a few fancams showing Bom and baby Minji signing autographs and going to the elevator! Here’s the first fancam, in the description it says all four girls are going on the elevator with Teddy. You can’t really see though until the end.

credit: simpleandpink @ youtube

Go under the cut for the rest of the fancams!

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|Me2Day/100625| Dara + Hwang Ssa Bu

Here’s one more update from the me2day queen Dara, and one from Hwang Ssa Bu. Looks like Bom can’t get away with eating corn, even in the States! They both have some very creative shirts. I know you’re all going to ask where we can get Dara’s, because I’m wondering too. XD  Thank you aa-chan for the trans!

First, here’s Hwang Ssa Bu’s update:

To. 박봄 ~ 난 니가 뭘 먹고 있는지 알았다!!!

To. Park Bom ~ I knew you would eat anything!!!

Next we have Dara’s update!

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