|me2day/100619| Dara’s Kawaii me2day

Dara’s kawaii me2day! :D kekeke~

굿모닝!^.^ 뾰옥!

Good morning!^.^ Bbyok!

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|NEWS/ 100619| 2NE1 with a special guest performing for Etude


The beauty brand 2NE1 recently sponsered for is holding a Pink Concert at Riverside Park on August 2o.  2NE1 along with famous actor, Lee Min- Ho will be making an appearance. Other than a concert, games will also be included.

 Lee Min-Ho who has currently took a break from acting in drama shows will be meeting 2NE1 for the first time in Etude House. 2NE1 will be expected a full, passionate stage performance aside their busy schedule and preparing for their album. Be sure to be there if you can for an awesome concert and time with Etude! :)

Source: http://morningnews.co.kr/article.php?aid=127690976624030006
Credit: knucklepink@YGLadies.com

|News/YGENT.related| YG Family to heat up this summer

Hey. :-) Here’s a little article talking about YG Family‘s many anticipated comebacks, and the return of our girls soon too. Enjoy!

Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, and even Gummy. YG Family is heating up this summer in the idol world. As the representative of Yang Hyunseok expressed, it’s finally time for the “YG forces to mobilize themselves”.

Ever since last year July when 2NE1 released their mini album, YG Family has not released an offline album (T/N: I think the author of the article made an error – Gummy did release an offline album & Big Bang had their Japanese activities.). With popular idols Big Bang and 2NE1 , as well as Se7en, Gummy, and other top solo artists, the great agency has been on hiatus for one year. Why?

The reason is simple. Yang Hyunseok representatives said “It’s important that our artists succeed with properly composed contents. The YG members have had sufficient time and made new songs and practiced them. In the first half of this year, the reason that there were no properly-made, hit songs was because the contents were simply led by fans demands were insufficient”, “Starting in July, this will all change with the comeback of the YG artists.”

At the climax of the productions, not only is there the main producers of YG – Teddy and Perry, but also special long-term special artists from America that are producing for YG artists. “Previously, even offering them large amounts of money, these are prominent artists who wouldn’t accept the offers”, “However seeing Big Bang and 2NE1, they were impressed. They expressed how even if they were to debut in the American market, they would be incomparable.”

At the sound of the signal, one by one, they’ll be charging at full speed and are planning to take the idol world by storm.

It’s also almost time for 2NE1 to comeback. In the music market, saturated with girl groups that all have similar styles, it is certain that 2NE1 will stimulate their fans with a powerful, destructive force with their comeback, using a combined force of their skill and individuality. These girls, who appeared at Big Bang’s Japanese concert as guests, already are advancing into the world market, starting with their Japanese speaking and receiving high praise from the Japanese audience.

The music market is melting in the heat of the World Cup, with YG Family’s reappearances beginning in July, it seems like it will regain its energy and return interest to the idol world.


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|Me2Day/100618| Dara: New Trophy Collection!

Hey guys, been a while~ Well, here are some new me2day updates from the queen, Dara! She’s showing off the trophy collection. Enjoy. :-D

아우 생각보다 트로피가 많아서^^;유리가 막 휘네요 깨지면안되는뎅ㅠ무거운것들은~다~젤밑에넣었어용!우리가 작년에 열심히했구나..싶기두하구^^당쉰들한테두 넘 고맙구 앞으로도 열심히할게용!^^계속 응원해줄꺼죵?♥

Wow there’s a lot more trophies than I thought^^; The glass is shaking, but we’ll be in trouble if it breaksㅠ We put~all~the heavy ones at the very bottom! Seems we worked really hard last year..I’d like to think so^^ We’re really thankful to you guys, too, and I’ll work hard in the future as well!^^ Will you keep on supporting us?♥

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