|PHOTOS/100609| MYXMAG Kpop Event Photos

Our resident graphics artist, renKa002  and one of our FB Admins, _lolliTOP, we’re able to witness the event held last June 9, 2010, 4PM at the SM Mall of Asia. They were able to get their own mag, which we will scan asap (don’t worry!).


More Photos Found HERE (Ukiss, 4 Minute, B2st, T-ara, Super Junior and many more)

Photos taken by – renKa002@letsplay2ne1



|News| ALL F4 members like Sandara Park very much

Talent Goo HyeSun reveals that she wants to introduce friend of same age 2NE1 Sandara Park to SS501 Kim HyunJoong.

On KBS 2TV WinWin aired on 8th June, Sandara Park was surprise guest on the show. Sandara Park has revealed on the show, “My personality is such that I’m not one to speak first. Actually when Goo HyeSun was filming drama Boys Over Flowers, I had wanted her to introduce me to others, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.”

MC Kim ShinYoung then asked, “Who do you want to be introduced to?” And she answered, “All of them are cool…” Goo HyeSun then said, “All F4 members like Sandara Park very much. Let’s wait and see.”

Sandara Park then said, “This is a secret from president (Yang HyunSeok)” the comment had the other star appearances in laughter.

And when asked which F4 member she wants to introduce Sandara Park to, Goo HyeSun answered “Kim HyunJoong”. Sandara Park then commented, “JiHoon seonbae is cool.”

Meanwhile, on the show, Goo HyeSun almost was casted to be in group 2NE1 performed the song ‘Fire’ with Sandara Park.


From: Kbites

|News| Dara’s words for Korea’s first match against Greece

There is currently growing speculation across the country on what the results will of the first match for Korea’s representative team at the 2010 South African World Cup, against Greece.

Celebrities are no exception. What do the popular idol groups of today think the results will be of the first match against Greece on June 12th, at 8:30pm in the South African Fort Lee Elizabeth Nelson Mandela stadium? The results of the Money Today Star News investigation, there are both some in-depth predictions, in addition to some interesting expectations as well.

Meanwhile, four member girl group 2NE1’s Sandara Park predicts an overwhelming defeat of the Greece team by an enormous score. Sandara Park gives an interesting prediction, “The Korean team will shake up Greece’s net throughout the entire second half and win with a score of 21 to 0.”

Like this, popular boy groups and girl groups are certain of the win of the Korean team, and earnestly hoping that their anticipation and support will contribute in some way to the victory against Greece.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100609n12886
Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com

COMPLETE article can be found from 21bangs.com HERE

|Me2day/100610| Hwang Ssa Bu shows Dara and Minzy in the YG Gym

Wow! I always see Dara and Minzy in the YG Gym, but haven’t seen Bom and CL that much.
Thanks Mr. Hwang Ssa Bu for updating us with our girls pictures :)

운동후 여유!!^^

|Me2day/100610| Dara shows us a gift~

OMO! I think this is a gift from korean blackjacks for 2ne1’s 1st Year anniversary. Aw, Kblackjacks will be truly happy. Since I did some lurking before for goodies and found this books.

뒤늣게 도착한 1주년 선물 한바구니ㅋㅋ지각생들!ㅋ팬분들이 주시는 편지나 선물들은 다 소중하지만 개인적인 취향으로 내가 젤 좋아하는것중 하나는 우리의 사진이나 자료를 모아서 만들어주시는 사진앨범이나~재밌는 책들ㅋㅋ완전 좋아요!^.^ㅋ

This arrived in a basket for our 1 year anniversaryㅋㅋLifestyle perceptions!ㅋ Although all fan gifts are valuable to us, I especially like the ones where they keep pictures of us to create a message book~ Fun booksㅋㅋ Super awesome!^.^ㅋ

Translations by AA_CHAN

|Video&Photos| 2ne1 and Big Bang in Into The Fire Premiere

Here is a clip of Into The Fire Premier featuring the actors of the movie and the supporters :) PLUS, more pictures of 2ne1 & Big Bang arriving in the theater.

Credit: ohdara2@youtube

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|SCAN| 2NE1 on Malay EPOP Magazine w/ Translations!


Boy Killer Sandara Park!

Her hard work at last paid off when YG Entertainment promised to shorten the “No Boyfriend” length from 5 years to 3 years. In the entertainment industry, a lot of young male idol confessed their love to Sandara Park from events. But no one had made the first move. Are they just only talk?

2PM Wooyoung (30th April 1989)

Before this, Wooyoung had said that he loves petite and cute girl like Dara~ In some of the radio show, Wooyoung had voted for Dara as his dream lover on one psychology test.

2AM Jinwoon (2nd May 1991)

Jinwoon was not only a fanboy of Seohyun SNSD but also one of the male idol who wants Dara as his lover.

FT Island Minhwan (11th Nov 1992)

Min Hwan admitted that he started to admire Dara since he watched 2NE1 MV~ In some event, Minhwan said “Though I never get to chat with Dara noona, but I really like her! Beside her cute face and charming personality, her singing is really nice! I really hope that I can meet her once” Continue reading

|PHOTOS| 2ne1 in Into The Gunfire Premiere

Here are more pictures of our girls in Into The Gunfire Premier. Some are just featured like they’re at the back of their sunbaes, Big Bang :) Enjoy~ Source: 21bangs.com