|Video| MTV VMAJ After Party~

Here’s the english trans of 2NE1’s interview @ Red Carpet: http://www.overstream.net/view.php?oid=nkirlasralmn

Translated by : green_sonja @letsplay2ne1

The party after VMAJ!

Thanks under7nacs2 for uploading!


|VIDEO/100531| 2NE1 in CCTV

2NE1 was in CCTV news about VMAJ. To catch a glimpse of 2NE1 in the small clip go to 1:50 . Congrats to 2NE1 for becoming more and more popular and their success in VMAJ! :)

Source: VIEN2ne1NA via YouTube

|Endorsement/100531| 2ne1 Etude Fashion Tattoo Ad

Below are also some pics of an ad 2ne1 was in for Etude Fashion Tattoos. Makes me want to buy one..kekeke ^^

Source: naver. Blog
Credit: http://www.ygladies.com

|Endorsment/100531|2NE1 New 11st World Cup Promo

A pic of 2NE1 New 11st Web Photo for World Cup 2010.

Source: 11st

Credit: http://www.ygladies.com


Above are scans of our lovely girl group, 2NE1 in a Japanese magazine. :)

Source: KBOOM Vol. 59 Japanese Mag

Credit: www.ygladies.com

|me2day| 100531 Dara shows a picture of her and Bom

어젯밤~ 비행기 파트너 봄이와 함께 뱅기뜨기전 찰칵! 근데.. 봄이는 짤리구 한쪽눈만 나와서 가려줬어요!ㅋㅋ

Yesterday night~ Taken while being plane partners with Bom! But.. Bom hid herself in the picture because she could only see one of her eyes!ㅋㅋ

[Translations @ AA-CHAN]

|News/100531| Dara for ‘KBS Win Win’ special guest?

YG Entertainment’s 2NE1 official site had June 8 scheduled for a TV Show. Sandara Park is to appear on ‘KBS Win Win’ as Hye Sun’s special guest?


KBS Win Win (Goo Hyesun’s side)

(Sandara Special Guest)

Time: PM 11:05

There is no confirm updates about this yet, but we’ll tune you in when there is. Stay tuned!

Credit: ohdara.wordpress.com

|Me2day/100531| 2NE1 & TamTam says good night

Original: 잘다녀왔어요~ 굿밤!^^

Translation: We’re back~ GoodBam! ^^ (meaning good night)

Original: 울 탐탐이두 인사하네요~ 굿밤되시래요! 폴라로이드 찍어줬더니 기분 좋은가봐요..잘자요^^

Translation: TamTam is also saying goodbye~ Goodbam (goodnight)! Taking the Polaroid makes me happy.. Sleep well ^^

Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translation: eunbyolrusi @ letsplay2ne1

|Ranking/100530| 2NE1 on the list of popular artists!

Below is the list of artists who have became very popular a few days after their debut.

2NE1 is listed on #5 along with 2PM.

2 Super junior
3 BigBang
4 Wonder Girls
5 2pm , 2NE1
6 CNBlue
7 Shinee
8 SS501
9 F(X)
10 MBLaq
11 2AM
12 Kara , 4 minute
13 Beast
14 brow eye girl , ZE:A
15 Trax
16 IU
17 T-ara

Credits: the2ne1hour and Asian book (Z japan Special Thank)