100220 Me2Day: Dara at Music Core!

와쌉!? 오늘 오랜만에 음악방송 나와서 너무 재밌었어요!^.^ 신나구~오늘 다들 신나게 노래도 따라불러주구~ 꺄악!!! 쁘~라~!!!

Wassup!? We came out to a music broadcasting today after a long time and it was great fun!^.^ Awesome~ And we did the new song this week~ Kyak!!! Wooh~!!!

thanks to aa-chan for translations!


[UPDATED][CF] 100220 2NE1 and the Fortune Telling Corby F

2NE1 for Samsung Corby F. This is a video about the girls playing with their Corby F phones and telling their fortunes for the day.

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[NEWS] 2NE1’s clothes charity auction gets overwhelming responses, current total bid price exceeds 10 million KRW

Girlgroup 2NE1 achieves a total bid price of over 10 million KRW and overwhelming responses for their charity auction sales.

SK Telcom Open 11st held a ‘2NE1 clothes charity auction’  from 11th February and the results as seen from 19th February, the girls have received a total bid price of over 10 million KRW.

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