C.N. Blue, 2ne1’s Number 1 FAN!

Recently in C.N. Blue’s ‘Behind The Star’ fans and viewers are able to get to know C.N. Blue. They had showed live performances, their showcase, their main success winning number 1 on SBS Inkigayo after 2 weeks of their album release, and etc.

Lee Jong Hyun, in charge of vocal and guitar in C.N. Blue had revealed of wanting to work with 2ne1 in an interview. Now they showed their fandom in front of the camera while they were in KBS Music Bank waiting room. First is Jung Yong Hwa, using a pink mic that looks like the one that Dara has. Jung Yong Hwa used the pink mic as he interviews the rest of the members of C.N. Blue.

Then, next up was Lee Jong Hyun with his guitar suddenly played 2ne1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ from 2ne1 First Mini Album, which Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin joined to by singing along and do the ‘I Don’t Care’ finger move. As Lee Jong Hyun finished, it causes laughter between the members. Plus, another fandom was shown while doing a self camera.It seems like they love CL and Dara‘s cute and playful moment showed in 2ne1TV.

Here’s the videos as proof:

Jung Yong Hwa using a pink fake mic like Dara, starts on 7:19
and C.N. Blue singing to I Don’t Care by 2ne1 start 8:05


C.N. Blue being playful, start 0:16

CL and Dara’s Version!



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