[FANCAM] 2NE1’s Exposure in Japan!

2NE1 Music Videos were being played at BIG commercial billboards at Shibuya, Japan

Wow~ I really hope 2NE1 will be popular in Japan too.
Japan is the 2nd largest in the music industry next to USA. So it’s a pretty big market.

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DARA’s MYX live chat ENG SUBBED!

These videos was recorded when Sandara Park went to Philippines for vacation. It was nice for MYX to interview Dara, fans all around the world was in chatroom online, discussing and asking questions for Dara. Thank you so much YG21Subs for sharing this with us with english subbed and also ygladies.com/forums

Part 1:

and the rest of the parts are under the cut <3.
Thank you to Kara aka whistlingteapot for the heads up <3 (Our graphic artist here in letsplay2ne1)

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DARAGON’s ‘Hello’ performance in Shine A Light Concert

Here is a official video of Hello performance from Gdragon’s Shine A Light Concert held in 2009. It was great to know that YG decided to show Gdragon’s Shine A Light concert in TBS, a channel in Japan, but don’t forget to support Gdragon and YG Entertainment by buying the DVD.

Thanks clandestinepain@youtube for sharing!

and even if there’s an official, I would want to share a fancam also of Hello’s performance :)

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Videos of 2ne1 all in one!

Here are several videos to share. Worth watching? Heck yeah!

First is a fancam. A fancam of Bom during her 11st delivery. It is more like Behind the Scene kind of video, but it was taken by just a person. I love it! Fanboys alert! Thanks Putrayoung@youtube also a fanboy/fangirl of Bommie. Yay!

MORE video goodies under the cut <3

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