[CF/100212] 2NE1 – Samsung Corby F CF finally out!

Oh My Gaho~! the CF is finally out! I’m going to admit that i really did not see a cute commercialcoming out for the phone since the song gave a bit more of a fiercer vibe. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m totally loving this CF and the super cute image they have in it. 2ne1 just proved to everyone once again how versatile they are. They can go from Fierce to Classy to Cutesy and be able to pull it off entirely. I must say i like the hairstyle they gave our leadah CL she looks extra adorable with it (she even kinda reminds me of Chun-Li from Street fighters. i love it ^^). Subscribe to our youtube channel!

7 thoughts on “[CF/100212] 2NE1 – Samsung Corby F CF finally out!

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  2. I also didn’t see the cute concept coming.
    In the end the CF is just as mediocre as the song.
    I don’t think I can be any madder with YG at this point. Like, I love my babies, but what is going on? This song sounds more like a bunch of random beats put together and smashed with unnecessary autotune just like Kiss and Please Don’t Go. On top of that, the full-album is not ready and the clothes Bom wore in BB’s Japanese concert are the same she’s been wearing since IDC came out.
    Sorry for venting my frustration here, but I really needed to let that out. T_T

  3. …00hhh l0ve it!! it was awes0me l0ve the backgr0und..they are s0 cute :) ..c0ngrates with the new CF great j0b guys..^^SARANGHAE!!!

  4. peor si se dan cuenta es el mismo atuendo de fire de dara y minzy ,bom cl nuevo peinado cambio de traje porque no mas cl
    preferencia digo yo

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