YG Entertainment opens up new Headquarters

Big Bang and 2NE1’s record label YG Entertainment opened up their brand new headquarters. As  reported in January, YGE decided to relocate to a custom-designed seven-story building near Han River, an upgrade from their previously rented office space.

YG Entertainment moved into their brand new building on February 3rd and the new place is 7 stories high and 1 story below ground.

credits to allkpop


SAMSUNG CF: What phone will they endorse?

2NE1 released Try To Follow Me for a SAMSUNG Phone. But what really is it? I mean, what kind of phone will they endorse?

From their me2day updates the girls were often spotted using SAMSUNG Corby Phones. When I saw Dara’s me2day update   I was like aren’t they endorsing LG? So are they endorsing Samsung now?

Anyway, see for yourself!

Next is from their photo shoot. Bom and CL using Samsung GEMSTONE. Some think it’s SAMSUNG CORBY FOLDER. It’s a cute phone btw! Continue reading

2NE1 is a nominee for Korean Music Awards!!

I was backtracking DC 2NE1’s database when I found this. Like, it’s a very big event for the Korean Pop  Industry. No matter how unknown this awards show is.

I first heard this one when I knew that Taeyang was one of the IDOLS who were nominated in this Music Awards. Usually, idols don’t get to be nominated for this event unless they really have shook the KPOP industry and they have a great musical accomplishment.Usually indie bands are nominated here. I’ve also heard that they don’t base it to album sales. So I’m really looking forward to it.

Without further ado let’s anticipate our girls getting nominated for the Korean Music Awards!

Best RNB & Soul

Rookie of the Year

2NE1 Gets Nominated for 2009 JPOPASIA Music Awards for BEST GIRL BAND!

Okay so here’s another nomination for 2NE1 that is for JPOP. I was like spazzing not just because 2NE1 is there but also YAMAPI! HaHaha. I ♥ HIM! Anyway, Bigbang and Gdragon got nominated too along with Super Junior, DBSK, SNSD and BoA. Let’s all anticipate this event!

저기 밑에Best overall Girlband에 보면 2ne1이있어요!

어떤시상식인지 잘은 모르겠는데 일단 있어서 퍼왔어요
혹시 이 시상식에 대한 정보를 가지고 있으신분 댓글달아주세요!ㅎ
정말 거대신인 2ne1인듯!!
(vip*에 보니까 JpopAsia.com라는 곳에서 하는거라는데)

JpopAsia Music Awards 2009 Continue reading

NETIZENs love 2ne1’s new song

With the surprise release of 2NE1’s ‘Try to Do What I Do’(t/n: aka Try to Copy Me, according to allkpop) as a digital single, the music fans among the netizens are showing various reactions, from ‘it’s upbeat’ to ‘the melody is very nice.’

One netizen praised them, saying, “Unlike the other singers, 2NE1 surprised us by suddenly releasing the song without prior notice, and surprised us again with the song being so good.”

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2ne1’s picture goodies!

So we have been filled with so many goodies and I really like it. Here is a bunch of pictures to enjoy! New and unseen pictures. Most of it is from 11st and one picture with the girls and a crew. I’m guessing it is from Bean Pole. Enjoy fellow Blackjacks. !

TWENTY1st rocking anniversary!
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2ne1’s current standing on charts :)

in order from top to bottom:








credits: dc gallery and itzsmaee for the pic. thanks! <3

translated by Ch1nky @ letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com

yay! it’s the first time i ever romanized anything related to them. it’s not even a lot i know, but still, it made me feel somewhat happy :). anyway, this is pretty awesome that they’re doing well on charts since they’re not even promoting it. doesn’t it just makes you proud to be a blackjack? 2ne1 Nolja~!! <3

2ne1, BigBang and GD for Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009

I’m not really quite sure what it says. but from the looks of it, it seems that Cyworld is still not done giving awards for all the high achievers for 2009? goodluck to YG family!<3 many thanks to lovebomvn , DCGD and GDCL for the cap<3

CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun Would Work With 2NE1 + 11st Cap

You guys have thought about 2NE1 working with other groups, right? I know a lot of you are dying to see our girls work and interact with people from other groups. Most groups people generally think of are of the same music genre. Well, would you ever think of them being with a rock group? I think it’d be really cool! I started thinking about this because on a recording of tvN‘s E News, the rookie rock group CNBLUE each chose a girl group they’d work with. Their guitarist, Lee Jong Hyun chose 2NE1! Other members chose groups like Fin.K.L. and Wonder Girls. What do you guys think? Would you like to see a collab? I soo would! :)


Changing the subject, 11st has released a new cap of Minzy‘s delivery! Check it out under the cut!

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