100205 Dara Updates me2day!

After being on the down low for a while, our one and only me2day queen returns and not just with one update but two updates! <3 many thanks to AA-CHAN for the awesome  translations<3

와쌉?! 요몇일 연락이 뜸햇죠? 요즘 집에서 쉬느라항상 수면바지에 박스티입은 모습인데 보여주기가 좀 그래서…ㅠㅠ한살한살 나이먹다보니 셀카찍는 횟수도 확실히 줄어드는거같소.. 마음은 신세대인데… 빨리 밍끼랑 놀아야지!ㅋ

Wassup?! Have you been having fun? These days I’ve been resting up at home in my slacks and not doing much of anything…ㅠㅠ I took a number of selca pictures.. spirit of the new generation quickly come and play, Minji!ㅋ

go under the cut for her second update <3

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Hot off the Presses! 2ne1’s Bean Pole endorsement finally confirmed! i’m really excited about this for two reasons: (1) i absolutely love Bean Pole’s clothing line and (2) i’m glad to finally hear some news and see the girls again!. They looked super fab with the outfits they were wearing! *mini spazz moment insert here!* without further ado, here’s the vid from their photoshoot (oh it also shows a bit from the surprise birthday party the girls gave Minji) many MANY thanks to Taijizero2 for the upload!<3

The fact that this is the first actual bit of news regarding what the girlshave been up to  in a long time sure helps a lot! i can’t wait for HQ pics from this shoot to come out. 2ne1 fighting!!

Minzy’s turn to delivery for 11st + BONUS!

11st is an online store in which people can order anything like clothes, foods, and different other things. If you are familiar with Ebay, it is like that, but in a korean way. 11st is one of the CF or activities 2ne1 are currently busy with right now. I love the idea of getting the girls be the delivery girls. It truly suprises people who ordered. I would too, but if I found out they’ll do this continuously then I’ll order on 11st every week and tell my other friends and family to order also. So all the unnies have gone delivering packages and maknae Minzy is up now. Let’s enjoy these 3 fanpictures for now. I have a bonus picture of 2ne1 from 11st too :)

Thanks mel for the heads up & 2ne1’s DCGall for picture source.!
For bonus picture thanks babiiv214 + DC2NE1 gall +ygsecret21