[SONG REVIEW] Jiggy by F.Cuz

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted in this blog. Ddochi asked me (personally) to write a song review about F.Cuz song Jiggy. I’m not good in making review so I’m already saying sorry if later on I’ll go OC (out of concept).

While I’m writing this song review I am also listening to their song. I was expecting the song to be mediocre. But the moment the it started it caught my attention. The start had this “distorted” (idk, what else to call) start. Somehow same style with Bom’s You and I start. I like the bass sound in the background. It makes the song even more catchy and how the voices had been edited is epic. Some parts even reminds me of Big Bang’s Gara Gara Go and when you reach the chorus, I love how the melody blending is made.

The song had this feel in the start like something nice. I like how they had that “F.CUZ” part in the beginning. The rap is nice also, remind me of how T.O.P does his rap. Since the rapper has this bass tone and the tempo in the rap part of the song is like My Heaven (?). I’m not so pretty sure however it does sound like one of T.O.P’s part.

Time to criticize. I’m not sure if you’ll agree with me in this part. It’s just that I’m hearing too much mixing and editing of their voices that I can’t decipher if it’s their real voices they’re using in that part or not. Are you getting my point? I hope you have. Well, it’s autotune right? Another thing also. Notice that everytime I give a comment it’s like I always compare them to a certain song or singer. It’s just that just doesn’t have it’s own style yet. It seemed like it’s actually a compilation of some parts of certain songs.

But overall Jiggy is a nice song. Like the moment you hear it’s start it drags you to your feet and grove to the lovely bass beat in the background. I hope there’s more from this group that just this. Especially with 2010 coming. Groups should start making something new and live behind what’s been cool and autotune in 2009.

Here’s the mv of the song. ARGH! I’m so bad at this! I find this review pretty lame!!!! Criticize me please! Tell me your views! COMMENT!! I beg you TT.TT



100202- Minzy cute me2day updates!

Maknae is updating almost everyday now! I’m happy. She’s also wearing GD’s official Heartbreaker shirt. Totally supporting her sunbae. Sweet and cute Minzy-ah. I miss her popping and awesome dance. Hopefully she’ll upload a video with her dancing, heh? It’ll be really awesome. aa-chan for translations!

아침에 일어난부시시 꽁밍끼 외모ㅋㅋ

I get out of bed in the morning and I’m all fresh faced like thisㅋㅋ

And another update from her :)
Maknae drinking milk.

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2ne1 nominated in MYX Music Award 2010

2ne1 debuted almost 9 months ago. As days pass, success keeps coming into them. Now it is a start of a new year and a great news came out. As you might now, 2ne1 is really known in the Philippines. Everybody loves their music! As my own experience, I have heard 2ne1’s music playing on radios, shows, and etc. Plus, we know a lot of people had covered the dance steps such as the famous part in Fire, “Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh 2-N-E-1” In MYX Music Award 2010, 2ne1 is nominated in one category, Favorite International Video. Here are the complete list of nominees in the category of Favorite International Video:

Fire by 2NE1 (MMA 91 & Send to 2366)
Love Story by Taylor Swift (MMA 92 & Send to 2366)
Nobody by Wonder Girls (MMA 93 & Send to 2366)
One Time by Justin Bieber (MMA 94 & Send to 2366)
The Climb by Miley Cyrus (MMA 95 & Send to 2366)

Voting Period is from February 7, 2010 to February 28, 2010
P2.50/txt for Smart and Globe, P2.00/txt for Sun subscribers.

I’m kindly calling our every Blackjacks in the Philippines to please vote for our favorite girl group 2ne1. Complete information of voting is above. Sadly, no international Blackjacks can vote. A-go-go-go Blackjacks in the Philippines, vote vote vote for 2ne1! It will be really great, we never know they might come to the award event. :)

MORE lovely fanpictures from BIG SHOW 2010

These are couple of fanpictures from Big Show 2010. I love CL’s outfit. Totally sexy and I love it, I know you too heh? Thanks to sjaikb@youtube for sharing these goodies & DC2ne1 for source.

AS a teaser here : :)

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2ne1 spotted in a wedding again?

Alrighty, this one will be slightly different. It looks like these photos was taken long ago and I’m guessing the person who is getting married is their trainer, right? That’s my opinion because in the first picture, it really resemble the trainer’s looks. In these photos, you can see all the members, front row with their sunbae Taeyang and also their noona who lives with them (You’ll know who I am talking about if you watched 2ne1tv ). YG family is totally close. YG FAMILY <3 Thanks 캥거루 for the photos <3

Some New Pictures + More Big Show Fancams!

Hi guys! :) I have some new pictures to show.


This one’s a bit late, but it’s a blogger with the lovely firece leader CL! I’m guessing this was when the girls threw a surprise party for Minzy, since he’s holding a party hat. He also mentions it in the blog post.

credit: 11st

This next picture is from Bom’s 11st Delivery. I’m sure she’s with the people she delivered to. :]

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