100202 Minzy spams her me2day – SHOPPING


ㅋㅋㅋIn order to go shoppingㅋㅋBooo~~!!

aa-chan for trans!


[BIG SHOW] More Dara Pictures + Album Tracklist?

Credit: DC Gallery 2NE1

ALBUM tracklist?

Maybe a lot you have heard of the rumored Track list of  2NE1’s new album. Everyone was very excited with it! But, we chose not to believe with it yet. Maybe that’s why you may can’t access some threads in forums and we deleted that post as well.

We don’t want to start rumors and false hopes and get disappointed that it wasn’t the real thing.

But I’ll give you bits about that rumor.

First is, the fan said that she heard it from a person connected with YG (or sort-of — rough translation keke). Also, he said that maybe the album will be released by March.

The album tracklist was kinda weird because it was related with the girls things and personalities. Ex. Corn Head, Pink Mic etc.

And if you heard about the Hello.. Mr. Blah Blah excerpt from 2NE1 TV. I think most probably that would be part of the album.

So it’s better not to believe it yet  and wait for YG’s OFFICIAL message in their site!

We will keep you updated!

Credits: ㅇㄹ@ DC 2NE1

100201- Minzy’s wonderful artwork!

I love how Minzy is back with updating her me2day. I hope it continues and also I hope other members like CL and Bom will start updating their me2days also. I just miss them so much that I get so excited and happy when they update at least their me2day. Who agrees with me? haha. Enjoy this awesome artwork of 2ne1’s maknae <3

Thank you so much aa-chan for the translations <3

요즘 그림그리는거에 푸욱빠져있어요ㅋㅋ

These days, I’m obsessed with paintingㅋㅋ

sound~♥다음에 또 다른그림도 보여드릴께요~^^

sound~♥Next time I’ll show you a differen picture~^^

Big Bang Working on Lollipop 2 With New Partner

With the new LG Lollipop 2 project coming out, we all thought that Big Bang and 2NE1 would be doing a collab again. But recently there’s been news that 2NE1 will be performing at a Samsung event, and we’ve seen the girls with the Corby phones. People were beginning to think that 2NE1 wouldn’t be doing a collab again after all. It’s sadly true. Big Bang is working on Lollipop 2 with a new partner going by the name of Lollipop Girl. It can possibly be with another girl group, but I’m thinking it’s a solo artist, because their is no plural in that name.

I bet a lot of you are really disappointed right now, but let’s look at the bright side of things.. Now that 2NE1 is most likely with Samsung, it’s one step closer to that 2:21PM(2NE1+ 2PM)  collab we’ve all been wanting! ^ ^

You can go down memory lane and watch Lollipop with Big Bang and 2NE1 in our MV section here!


100131 Big Show Fancams

Here are some fancams from Big Show’s last night! T.T They aren’t the best quality, but we get the hear the girls perform Fire and I Don’t Care. The sound pretty good! Here’s the fancam for I Don’t Care, go under the cut to look at the rest! :)

credit: jadedskys @ youtube

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100131 Minzy Finally Updates her me2day!

Hello again! Here’s another me2day from Minzy! Her hair’s back to the rust brown color, and she’s talking about the Big Show. Isn’t it great to see more updates from the others, too? :)

thanks to aa-chan for the trans!

이제 얼마 남지않아써용~~♥공연시작전~!!

What remains recently is bitter~~♥ Performances start~!!