[ADMIN POST] Editor of the Month

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January 31, 2010! It’s time to announce who our EDITOR OF THE MONTH IS!

  • priscilliixx3 with 76 votes
  • mapbookkid with 63 votes
  • Ch1nky with 62 votes!

Congratulations to Priscilla for winning our poll! She would be the admin for the week and expect surprises from her and new stuff in the site!

The next poll will reopen this February 8, 2010 and that poll will consist 50% of the over-all score. The other 50% will be revealed later on. So anticipate that!

Also, we would like to remind everyone that 2NE1’s anniversary is near! So expect us to make a project for them.

We will also need donations from all of you! Please, please support our project and we hope we get donations from you all. We need about $ 100 to make this happen. Hopefully this project will be a big and memorable one.Email us for more information!

letsplay2ne1 admins


100131 Dara Updates me2day

Here’s an update from our lovely me2day queen Dara! It’s a picture of Minzy working out. She looks fierce!

thank you aa-chan for the translations!


The BIG SHOW only has one more day-!!! The concert endsㅋㅋ Ten people crossed the river with their strength go go go!!!!

EDIT: Here’s another update from Dara! :D

빅쇼의 막콘입니다!!! 아아아 아쉬워요ㅠㅠ 그나저나 오늘 3일째인데도 난 왜 긴장을햇지요?!ㅋ아니ㅋ자구 첫째날두 둘째날두 떨어서 멘트할때 자꾸헛소리하구ㅋ어색햇어요ㅋ그래두 너무 즐거웠답니다! 오늘도 놀아볼까? 홧팅!^.^

It’s the climax of the BIG SHOW!!! Ah ah ah, sadㅠㅠ Was I tense because it was the final day?!ㅋ Noㅋ I helped myself by talking to myself through the first and second daysㅋ I felt awkwardㅋ It was too joyful! Will you come and play with us today too? Fighting!^.^

YG Family Spotted at a Wedding

So a few days ago, YG Family Family Family (XD) was spotted at a wedding. In the pictures, you can see Bom, Dara and Minzy. You can also see their sunbaes, like Big Bang’s Taeyang, Se7en, and Goo Hye Sun. They look really good! :)

Go under the cut or the pics! :)

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2NE1-FIED goodies! #1

This will be the start of our 2ne1-fied goodies. This post will be 2ne1-fied mixing random pictures shared & videos mentioning 2ne1 or related to 2ne1. I hope you like this idea. We don’t want to keep posting different entries with just one thing, right? One post with lots of goodies is very useful and very convenient. I hope you all will like this entry. Yeah~? Enjoy!

First up-
A picture shared by a fan. I guess it is the person who get to meet Bommie through 11st delivery.
credit & thanks: 옹얏 + ygsecret21

MORE goodies under the cut.

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100130- Dara copies CL’s concept

Dara seems to love C to the L so much that she copied her concept from Official pictures during their DEBUT era aka FIRE era. I love how they are so close to each other. Maybe next time CL will post an update of copying Dara, heh? Let’s see.

Oooh, I have an idea. FANS EVERYWHERE, who are reading this, want to send your own picture copying CL’s concept just like what Dara did in this me2day update? Send it to us on our email letsplay2ne1@live.com and We’ll be glad to post it up.

Thanks aa-chan for awesome translations.

누가 나보고 선글라스 안어울린댓어요~?! 랙잭이들 그러면 안되지~!이걸보시오 씨엘보다 멋진 선글라스를 낀 다라! 잘어울리죠?!^.^ (저거 사실 다라 머리띠-_-;;;)ㅋㅋㅋ

Whose sunglasses don’t match~?! Black Jacks then don’t become~! See the picture where I look better than CL! Does it match well?!^.^ (It’s actually my headband-_-;;;)ㅋㅋㅋ