YG’s Main Vocals Show Love for MJ!

You know Taeyang right? Oh, who doesn’t?! I mean, he’s hot Benette squeals, he’s a great dancer Benette goes again and oh, he looks good! Benette faints. HAHAHA. I’m making fun of my co-admin. Shh.. don’t tell her about this!

He’s currently promoting Wedding Dress and is in Japan (I think) with the other Bigbang boys TOP oh those sexy eyes!, Seungri squeeaaaal ,GD (faint) and Daesung waaah,  I miss him! and he’s BIGBANG’s Main Vocal.

Bom, 2NE1’s Main Vocal and Unni. Currently topping the charts with her single You and I.

Ready for some squealing fangirls? What will you do if they show love for the King of POP : MICHAEL JACKSON together? You gotta love those two towels!

thanks sjiakb from Inkigayo’s Page in SBS’ site for sharing at Soompi!

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091128 Dara dances for us and oh.. deja vu!

Me2day queen does it again! After 5 days of not updating. She compensates with bombarding us with 4 updates! Whew, Dara’s awesome huh? Surely there’s more to come!

우린 요즘도 여전히 이러고 놀고있다ㅋ장난의 강도가 더 심해지면 심해졌지 덜하진않는듯ㅋ글구 좀더 다양해진 우리들의 놀이! 함게할수없어 아쉬워요ㅠㅋ꺄르륵 깔깔…! 씨에루의 웃음소리가 들리지않나요~?

These days we are still playingㅋ The mischief has become more serious for those under meㅋ The games are becoming more and more varied! It’s sad that we can’t do them togetherㅠㅋ *CL’s crazy laugh*…! Can you hear CL’s laughter~?

You may be asking why deja vu? Well that’s because this picture is pretty similar to what they did in 2NE1 TV and believe me it’s freaking hilarious!

thanks ririnamon for the video!

Now for Dara’s 4th me2day update of the day. This time it’s  Dara dancing! I really ROFLed a lot when I saw this! She updated like 2 minutes ago!

(No Message)

But she doesn’t stop there. For she updated for the 5th time. Assuring us all Minzy’s gonna go break dancing next.

브레이크 댄스까지 잘하는 싼토끼~!!! 이제 B GIRL이러불러주오 공밍끼보다 잘추죠!?^.^

Brake dancer Ssantoki does well~!!! Next up is B GIRL Minji. Is she any good!?^.^

thanks to aa-chan for trans! and me2dayvideo@youtube.com!

more 2ne1 pics<3

It’s always a treat seeing 2NE1 selcas as we can always see a different side to them.

Seeing them with their bubbly personalities and  enjoying themselves while practicing hard for their performances show us that they’re just like us  (happy-go-lucky gals) and makes us relate with them even more :) many thanks to 쿠앙 at ne-people for the pics. It makes you prouder to be a Blackjack!

091128 Dara’s awesome & supportive me2day updates!

Woahhh! It has beeen 5 days since Dara updated her me2day and now here is her wonderful me2day updates. Twice for one day. Yay our me2day queen is back.

Btw, if you don’t know what me2day is, it is like a korean version of twitter. Its awesome! I love getting so much updates from our girls from there. :D

I love these two updates from her. Showing support for her members and her brother her?  She is so caring to her brother. Aww, get well soon thunder <3 i hope you’ll recover fast. thanks dara for updating your me2day & also thank you so much aa-chan for your awesome translations.

저번주 일요일날 애들보러 무대뒤까지 따라갔다가 찍은사진! 밍끼의멋진 무브와 저멀리 살짝보이는 씨에루의 팔ㅋ무대로뛰어올라가고싶었다ㅋ스탭분들이농담으로 “자 투애니원 올라갈게요~” 라고하셧다ㅋ파이어.. 아동케가 엊그제같은데..^^ 가끔 그립기도하다.. 퉤니원놀자!

Last Sunday, we were backstage with the younger members and we took some pictures! Minji had some cool and stealthy moves far from CL’s armㅋ I really wanted to get up there tooㅋThe staff joked that 2NE1 would ascend to be staff membersㅋ Fire.. The kids did well the day before yesterday..^^ Sometimes I pray for them.. 2NE1 play!


우리 둥둥이 빨리낫게 해주세용~~!ㅠㅠ오늘 집에왔는데 약먹고 마스크끼고 자고있어용.. 큰누나가 한번가보지도못하고미안하다!ㅠ내가아픈것도 힘들지만 내 가족이 내 친구가 아픈건 더속상한거같아요..우리 모두 건강합시다! 퉤니들두 랙잭이들도 아푸지마요!약쏙!!!

Our DoongDoongie, please recover quickly~~!ㅠㅠ Today he came home, took some medicine, put on his mask and went to bed. I’m really sorry you can’t see big nuna!ㅠEven though it is tough being sick, our family and friends will be even more heartbroken and upset..Let’s all be healthy! Twenty’s and Blackjacks, don’t fall ill! Promise!!!

Official MAMA Pictures : 2NE1

MNET recently released official HQ pics of 2NE1 at their site from the 1st ever MAMA event.

Now we can them closer and clearer!!  credit and thanks to MNET and peachiimii @ ygladies.com!

2NE1 once again proved that they can totally pull off any outfit! From CL’s Fur coat to Dara’s stylish black mini dress to Bom’s sexy top to Minji’s hardcore shoes, our girls surely rocked all their outfits that night! W

Which makes it just right for MNET chose them as one of the best dressed of the night! Also, two thumbs up to their stylist Seung Ho and (oh, what’s his name! I forgot T_T) for always making our girls look extra pretty and stylish.



091127 Music Bank : K CHART – Park Bom 4th Place

Even without Bom performing at Music Bank, her single, You and I still manage to bag the 4th place in the Music Bank’s  K-Chart! If only she performed there, she could’ve won!

thanks to ZOMBIEPEOPLE21 for the upload!

Dara’s Message and I Don’t Care MV on Korea-Philippines Friendship Day @ CCP

November 27, 2009 – Korea-Philippines Friendship Day where, Philippines and Korea celebrated their 59 years of friendship. With SHINee Performing no wonder many fangirls were present-except myself T_T.

Other KPOP artists gave congratulatory messages to the Filipino Fans and Dara was one of them! You can hear her speak in Tagalog. Here’s a rough translation by piLmiac!

Mabuhay! How are you? I miss you so much. I hope i can go there…soon.So, wait for me. Do you miss me? I hope you will support us always, also 2NE1. Thank you very much. I love you all.

Also, I Don’t Care MV was shown :)

thanks 4nz3 + ToughBanana for the fancams and piLmiac for sharing them at soompi!