Update on category “2009 New Artist” on Melon Music Awards

This is the recent update of 2ne1’s status on the category “2009 New Artist” on Melon Music Awards shared by 다미앙@DC2ne1. They are currently in number 2, second from f(x). Blackjacks, we have to vote vote vote for 2ne1. DON’T FORGET voting is unlimited & no log in or anything. Still don’t know how to vote, leave a comment and we’ll for sure help you out. Blackjacks will all come together and vote for 2ne1 because we all know they truly deserve this award.  A-go-go-go ~


Unseen short clips of 2ne1tv

Here are two 2ne1tv short clips shared by rkstlrl@youtube!~
enjoy fellow blackjacks!

Bom so cute;; BOM camera!

Omo, this clip is just too cute. Bom is <3. Fangurling much over here.!
I miss 2ne1tv much. I hope 2ne1tv season2 heh?
2ne1tv shows so much dorkiness and cuteness of 2ne1. Everyone truly love 2ne1tv, so hopefully it will come back, when their first album comes out? yeah? keke.

DARA and her love for tamtami

Now its Dara & tamtami time! omo, I envy tamtami for getting so much time with our gurls. Wah!
Tamtami is indeed a cute stufftoy. Simple, but its perfect :). Again, hopefully 2ne1tv will come back. wahhh. I’ll beg! keke, I truly miss 2ne1 right now. Hopefully at least just this kind of clips. Like short clips, right?

A.N. JELL Fans love their Penguin Hats!

The last episode of You’re Beautiful was an epic! Though I’m kinda disappointed that they didn’t kiss  like in the Etude House VIP Girl CF (lol?) this dramatic scene really moved me.

The caps below were taken from YB EP. 16 Part 7:  last concert of A.N JELL. I can’t help but notice the CUTE PENGUIN hats just like Mr. Baskin Robbins Penguin.

2NE1 are the new endorsers of Baskin Robbins and I know Blackjacks love those penguins, especially when they are worn on TV!

Here’s a closer look.

Such cute penguin hats! I sure love to have one, but where do we buy it? Do you guys know?


I Don’t Care was undeniably a big hit over the summer with it taking and conquering charts for a good sum of time and giving our girls numerous awards on different shows.

Although we got to see this song performed week after week for months, their performances never really got old and was always refreshing and exciting to watch, .since they not only showcase their Musical abilities but also show us the acting skills :D

They also usually add something special to every performance that make us anticipate the next ;) many thanks to CodeMonMonSeason5 for taking the time  in making and sharing this with us. <3

Bom’s You & I, TOP1 Background Music on Naver blogs

Bom’s You & I has been out ever since October 28, which is almost a month ago. I absolutely love the song and totally is worth listening to every single day. It has that relaxing beat and also a song that makes you sing along.

Recently I posted an entry of Wooyoung having Bom’s You & I as his background music in his cyworld profile.

Now a list that says the top10 of background music assigned on NAVER BLOGS has been revealed and Bom’s You & I is TOP1.

That’s really amazing! So I guess I’m one of those who enjoyed Bom’s You & I and the rest are the one who put the song as their background music in their Naver blog and also blackjacks everywhere! thanks to 유동이좋아 @ DC2ne1 for sharing this with us

112709- 2ne1 in MNET TREND REPORT

So this whole video uploaded by rkstlrl@youtube is mostly about 2ne1’s style in recent event Mnet Asia Music Awards or in short MAMA. They mostly focus in each outfit, 2ne1 members had wored. Got an interview during their rehearsals. Interviews includes 2ne1 members to say and explain things about their style. You can catch a CLDara moment also. and Oooohh! closer look at Dara & Bom’s legs for all the fanboys & fangurling for bom & dara heh? Enjoy my fellow blackjacks. We all know 2ne1 can work any style, right?

Also they had a section in which Mnet had come together every picture of CL having different kind of hairstyle. I find very amazing how every hairstyle CL had put, it always bring a different look of her. A good different look. They missed the black hair one though, right? Oh wells I still like all her hairstyle and the recent puffy pigtails look, totally fit her! i love it. so enjoy this video rkstlrl@youtube had shared.


2ne1 BTS pics from FILA?

Fila is the first endorsement 2ne1 had contract with and hopefully they will always have this new things coming out because their clothes truly fit our girls. Wow, this a good treat right? having not that much updates recently. Hopefully there will be new stuff coming out. We will truly enjoy that!

yay!! hmm i’m not sure if all of these are for FILA though..but yeah..unseen pics are always a treat<3 so we are very thankful for 홍미현/2any1pop for sharing it with us

[yay my 1st post..xD i hope this works xD]