CL and MINZY – Please Don`t Go : ACCA+MR+INST+AR Preview!

Youtube Uploader taijizero here uploaded the Acapella Ver.(10s), Music Recorded Ver.(30s), Instrumental Ver.(30s) and All Recorded Ver.(1m) from YGE Shop.

Would you like to hear Please Don’t Go,  like it’s raw? Check this out and tell us what you’re thinking!

Also, Bom’s guesting today got cancelled and moved to Nov. 27! Check out our sticky post for more details!


Baskin Robbins 2NE1 WALLPAPERS

Itching for more 2NE1 Pictures? Caps and Official Pictures not enough yet?Nah?

Well we do hope that this satisfies you because today Baskin Robbins released wallpapers in their official website!

2NE1 can really pull off a cute image huh? This shows how versatile our girls are! From fierce to cute, they’re good at it all!

Visit their website for more downloads and different sizes of the wallpapers above!

Dara VS Mr. Baskin Robbins’ Peguin

HAHAHAAHA! Those penguins are soooo cute!

That is what I first thought seeing those dancing penguins with 2NE1. But what will you do if you see them as big as you?

This  picture below the cut will show how Mr. Penguin do his endorsing job around Seoul. But do you think he will do better than our Santokki? See for yourself and indulge this Penguin’s cuteness! Thanks to 산다라내꺼  @ DC2NE1 Gallery for the picture!

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2ne1 BASKIN ROBBINS overload!

After watching all those CFs and just getting caps from Baskin Robbins official site or videos, it’s time for official pictures to enjoy!

I truly love all the pictures that has revealed. 2NE1 sure doesn’t only have skills but also looks. What a cute and beautiful girl group.

Fangirling much over here! Blackjacks enjoy these goodies :D and btw i will love to give credits & thanks to mulran from ne-people for sharing it with us.

AND also, making of Baskin Robbins featuring 2ne1 is out. Enjoy the dorkiness and cuteness of our girls <3
thanks for the upload taijizero1@youtube

Official Blackjack Fanclub Goodies

Blackjack is the name of 2NE1’s Official Fanclub given by YGEntertainment. If you register and be an Official Blackjack you will get exclusive official fanclub goodies! Here are pictures taken by 개버로우CL@ DC2NE1.

Anyone here who already registered? Not registered yet? Register now! and get these awesome  fanclub goodies! $ 40 for foreigners and $ 35 for Asians!

MAMA moments: GD, 2NE1, 2PM, TVXQ

On the past 21st, the first ever Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) took place at the Seoul Jamsil Stadium.

That night winners included, from the YGEntertainment Big Bang’s GDragon and 2NE1, who took two of the grand awards [respectively]; other than that 2NE1 took the Music Video Award, Best Female Rookie Award, Mnet Music Portal award totaling up to 4 awards.

GDragon said that most of the times all 5 members would be with him so it was awkward being on stage by himself but because his juniors, 2NE1, and YGFamily was there, he is “very happy” and also said “[This year] lots of things happened in the [Kpop] industry scene. [I hope] Next year, only good things will happen”.

From the same company, 2NE1 said that “We are so happy [and honored] to receive this award” and “Last year we watched Big Bang get this award and promised our-self to get the same award”. They also said, “We will become singers who always try our best” with tears of happiness.

From JYPEntertainment, PJY received the Asian Composition Award while from the same company, 2PM received the best male group award.

That night, 2PM said “We are grateful to receive this award” and that “We are able to get this award because of Jay Park. We want to share this glory with Jay who is not here as of now” and also that “we are always waiting. Come back soon” with heartfelt emotions during their speech and received much support from the fans.

Also, Super Junior won the Overseas Viewer Award, Mobile Popularity Award, and the CGV Popularity Award totaling 3 awards but did not attend;TVXQ won the night’s Best Representative for Asia award and three members (Jaejoong, Xiah, and Micky) of the group, under a lawsuit with their company, attended.

Youngwoong JaeJoong said, “To the two members (Yunho and Changmin) who may be watching, I love you” in his speech to which the fans warmly responded.

Micky Yoochun said “Today is the first time I want to sing a song so badly”.

Xiah Junsu added “This award is thanks to not the effort of one, but all five of our members. That’s why this is so much more meaningful [to us]”.

—the rest is a list of other award winners—

source: todaykorea
translated: lovesong @ ygsecret21

Late. haha

Update of Please Don’t Go in KPOP Charts

Gaining the no. 1 spot in recent charts in Korea is the song ‘Please Don’t Go‘. Performed by two of 2NE1’s members, CL and Minzy. The song is expected to reach the throne of kpop charts in a flash. With its hip-hop beats mixed with a cool and mellow ending. The song is sure to be a big hit.

Here’s a quick look at the standings of the song,  thanks to Labelle@ soompi for sharing:

# 3 Melon
# 1 Mnet
# 1 Dosirak
# 1 Soribada
# 1 Cyworld
# 1 Bugs

2NE1 for MelOn Music Awards~

Yesterday, we updated you guys the Top 10 Winners List – MELON Music Awards where 2NE1 is the only rookie group to have been chosen.

The Awards that will be given are the following:

  • 2009 Song
  • 2009 Album
  • 2009 Special Album
  • 2009 Artiste
  • 2009 New Artiste
  • 2009 Star
  • 2009 Mania
  • 2009 Current Stream
  • 2009 Smart Radio

Meanwhile, the 2nd window of online polls for the 10 teams will open from 24th November and till end on 13th December.

So go to MelOn’s site and vote for our Girls and other YG Artists :)

Unfortunately our girls are loosing votes to other girl groups, but fear not because the user poll constitute only 20% of the overall score/points  that a group can receive. The 80% of the criteria are for 50%  Downloads and 30% Number of replays/plays.

Like I said yesterday the girls’ singles have been topping MelOn’s real time chart and it never goes down from the Top 5.  Their songs I Don’t Care and Fire were very popular (duh?). Their 1st mini album sold like crazy this year and there’s no doubt to that. But we don’t need to be overly confident about it,  for 20% is high too. Now let’s go to MelOn’s site and vote like crazy for our girls! credit to K BITES for the awards list and voting schedule info!

People would lend a scarf for Park Bom?

So as you might know, some time of the month there will be an article of any survey with funny and random questions, right? haha.

Okay for this one official question that was given is “Which singer would you lend your scarf to?” and people had voted and Park Bom aka Bom is picked and is in the top6 singers, top3 to be exact.

I find this question very confusing and random, but gladly Bommie was picked heh? I guess lots of people love her as much as I do. keke. fangirling here. Thanks to hehe008 for the heads up!

Popular music site Bugs recently made a poll asking netizens titled, “Which singer would I give a winter scarf to?” I’m sure you all have specific idols in mind already, but here are the results:

#1: Kim Hyun Joong of SS501
#2: Choi Minho of SHINee
#3: Park Bom of 2NE1
#4: Kim Heechul of Super Junior
#5: Son Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls
#6: Ivy

source :