11st CF GIFs :)

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I am  sorry for not telling you this..

2NE1 got Nomiated to Yahoo!’s ASIA BUZZ AWARDS!

It was out of laziness. Please forgive me! Okay. so here’s how you vote for the awards.

Make sure you have a YAHOO ACCOUNT to vote!

thanks to pam31 for the tutorial!


STEP 1: Go to this LINK. You will see the voting page.

*You have to disable your pop-up blocker when voting.

STEP 2: Click 2NE1’s image button.

STEP 3: A bubble/small window will pop out. Click the silver/white button that says “투표하기” – which is “vote”.

STEP 4: Another small window will pop out. Click the purple button (at the left) that says “로그인” – which means “log in”.

STEP 5: The Yahoo! log in page will pop out. Put in your Yahoo! log in details (e.g. blackjack_31@yahoo.com + your password). Click the white “로그인” button to log in.

STEP 6: The confirmation window will pop out. Click the lone purple button to confirm your vote.

(The Yahoo! Korea search window will pop out – which means that you have voted successfully.)

Each Yahoo! account can cast 10 votes per day. Just repeat STEP 2 until this pops out:

^This means you voted ten times already.

Additional info:
When you encounter this window, it just means you still have to disable your pop-up blocker.


Baskin Robbins Gifs and Caps

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Dara caps at Family Outing

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2NE1’s CL & Minji to duet for a digital single!

This of course is yet another production of one of YG‘s main producers, Teddy. To tribute the girl’s fast hip-hop rhythm, he composed a track with a rap style that strongly pours out but still maintains a slick melody.

YG Entertainment said in an official statement, “Plans for 2NE1’s future album were to be revealed this month, but this track was also a super secret project so we haven’t even filmed a music video yet. It may be sudden but we hope that it will be a good present to all the loving 2NE1 fans.” They also added, “They may be the youngest members but they have been practicing hard with the other two senior members watching over their practices closely and cheering them on. Even before debut, their raps, vocals, and performance potential were amazing so we have much faith that the results will be good.

Please Don’t Go will be released on November 20th, and their first performance will be the very next day at MAMA on the 21st. They will also perform the song at the 2009 Spread the Love Concert on the 22nd.2NE1‘s Park Bom has been ruling the charts at number 1 with her digital single You And I, and Sandara Park‘s Kiss did just as well. But since then people have been wondering when group leader CL and the group’s resident dancing machine Minji, will come out with their own respective singles. Well you fans need not wait any longer because the two are going to heat up the winter with a duet digital single titled Please Don’t Go!

credits: allkpop

2ne1 1st mini album no.2 in all of Asia’s sale!

According to Shibuya Tower Records, G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” is the #1 most sold Album in all of Asia for two months straight!

Not only that but 2NE1 is right behind their big brother G-Dragon, at number 2! YG Family has been extremely successful this year.

credits+thanx : ibigbang+wendy

**wow 2ne1 been no.2 like for about 2 months**

Does the Family only favour UEE?

The latest episode of Family’s Outing featured two girls who are “in” right now, UEE of After School and Sandara of 2NE1. While the episode was a mildly enjoyable one, fans of 2NE1 are in an outrage over it – apparently we did not get to see enough of their beloved 4D.

In the beginning of the episode, it became quite apparent that UEE got used to the show more rapidly than Dara did, which might be the reason why throughout the show UEE is seen more often than Dara. Instead of feeling unfortunate about that fact that Dara wasn’t so sure of what is expected from her in a reality show, some fans of Dara decided to shift the blame on the show’s creators and more importantly, UEE. Fans argue that Dara did not get as big of a role as UEE on the show, all the regular members showed favour towards the After School member, and UEE did some things that were done in order to offend Dara such as putting eggs in a soup they cooked when Dara couldn’t eat eggs.

Netizens have been joking that Family’s Outing is a drama in guise of a reality show as the show’s detailed script has been leaked in the past. Is it really fair to blame UEE for putting eggs in the soup when every line and movement made in the show are all scripted? I am not so sure, but the fans seem to be very sure about their actions. Dara’s fans took a great offense to UEE and Family’s Outing crew; they raided CyWorld of the former and feedback board of the latter, and UEE has actually shut down her CyWorld because of all the hateful messages scribbled on her page by the fans.

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091118 Dara and Bom at Vocal Practice

발성연습중…!!!노래는 언제나 즐겁다

During vocal practice…!!! This song is always fun.

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