2NE1 plans for special musical stage for MAMA

2NE1 has a special stage planned for fans at the upcoming MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards). November 21st is fast approaching and though many are not attending, we still have a few artistes to look forward to.

Fans may have been enjoying Park Bom’s solo song, You and I, so much so that it’s been number 1 on certain music charts for 2 weeks in a row but it’s time for her to re-group with 2NE1.

We have heard countless remix versions of I Don’t Care but it seems like it’s not enough! They will perform a musical styled version of I Don’t Care at MAMA. They have been practicing hard for the special stage and have put their new album on hold for it.

The members have been working with musical actors recently to make sure that they put on their best stage yet. They said, “We are so nervous and excited because MAMA is our first awards show. We have been working hard for this stage because we haven’t been on stage in awhile.”



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