091114 Dara’s different expressions me2day update;;

darame2day오마이갓 굿모닝!어제 오랜만에 밤을새고 새벽 다섯시반에 숙소에들어간 퉤니.. 넘 피곤해서 정신이 잠깐 출장나간 사이 우린 잠안자고장난과농담을하고있었다.. 그때 밍끼가 “채린언니가킥킥대며 웃엇어요” 라고하는것이엿다 하지만 채린인 조용한것이..벌써 잠이들어버린거같았다..…

Oh my god, good morning! After a long night, I got in at quarter to 5 in the morning 2NE…I’m really tired between appearances and my spirit is lagging.. That time Minji said, “CL unni was chuckling” but CL was quiet.. I’m already feeling sleepy again…..

darame2dayy“여기 우리말고 다른 누군가가있는건가봐!” 라며 또 내가 공포분위기를 만들엇다-_-ㅋ밍끼가무서워하며 급분위기가 싸해지더니 한명이 잠들기시작햇다..근데 정작 내가..어두운방 모두가 잠든 그시간에 무서워잠을못든것이다! 몸은 피곤하고ㅠ그럴때마다 찾아오는 내친구….가!위! …

Instead of us, you can see another person here!” and I’m going to create a scary atmosphere-_-ㅋ Minji was scared and when she was the only one who wasn’t sleeping..but my muscles..I couldn’t sleep in the dark room even though all others had gone to sleep! My body is tiredㅠ When I feel like that, I look to my friends….Ah!…

credits & thanks: me2day & dara & aa-chan for trans.

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