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111209 Dara me2day: MAMA PRACTICE


오늘부터 MAMA 연습시작이다!!! 11월 21일… 기둘려라~! 새로운 싼토끼의 모습을ㅋ새로운 퉤니원의 모습을!!! 뚜둥!!앗..투..투표는 어떡게하셧쎄~요?하하하^^;해달라는건아니고 걍 내생일선물로다가ㅋ막이래! 암턴 기대해주실거~죠?↗

From today, we’ve started practicing for the MAMA!!! November 21st… Please wait for me~! You’ll see Ssantokki’s new formㅋ 2NE1’s new form!!! Tada!! Ah..too..poll how? Hahaha^^; With my birthday presents, I will be full of vitality and youthㅋ Protected! What do you expect?↗

credits: me2day + aa-chan for trans!!

W November Issue


credit: tearjerker @ soompi forums + letsplay2ne1

Permission to post these pictures granted!

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111209 Dara updates her me2day!


이건 울 사랑하는멤바들의 선물…오늘 생일이라고 외식햇는데 밥먹는내내 웃음이 떠나지않앗당.. 난 너무 행복햇다ㅠ평소에내가 갖고싶어햇던거 필요하다고햇던걸 기억햇다가 주엇다 캬.. 아까워서 어떡게쓰나ㅠ아끼다x된다고말하겟지ㅋ알라븅 퉤니원!♥

These are my lovely member presents… Today is my birthday and we ate out which made me smile..I’m very happyㅠ Ordinarily, if just one person remembers I want it and I need it, then I’m happy kya..Some time ago, how couldㅠ Stingy x overbearingㅋ I love you 2NE1!♥

credits: me2day!+ aa-chan for trans!

#happybdaydara tweet project is a success!!


#happybdaydara tweet project is a success!! Today the highest rank it reached was #2. It is at no. 2 at the moment! so please continue tweeting!! recruit as many people as possible!


Let’s aim #1!


Sandara Park aka Dara picture for Baskin Robbins?

darabaskinrobbinscredits & thanks: LyNk.zEk

Is this true or its photoshopped? idk, kekeke. But when I first saw it omo it is Dara. Because of the body, the leggings? and how she pose kekeke <3 Hopefully this will be a christmas suprise for us heh?