2NE1 camp eyes Young JV


Rising hip hop and R&B artist Young JV may just get the biggest break in his career next year if he could seal the deal to be one of the front acts at Korean girl group 2NE1’s planned Manila concert.

Nothing is final yet, but Young JV informed Manila Bulletin Entertainment Online that the promoter for the concert has already contacted him and his road manager to make arrangements.

“The promoter’s name is D-Mac, a former schoolmate of mine. He already knew that I have an album out but it was really my videos on YouTube that got him interested in getting me for the concert,” said Young JV in an exclusive interview.

If plans push through, the 2NE1 concert will be held at Araneta Coliseum in March.

“D-Mac and I already talked on the phone and I think some people are also trying get Rain and The Wonder Girls (act behind the hit song, ‘Nobody’) to hold separate concerts here,” said Young JV.

If all goes well, Young JV said that his talent fee would be of no issue since he knows how big 2NE1 is in Asia nowadays.

“Even if they give me a small talent fee, I’ll accept the offer. Even if they only had a bottle of water for a fee, I’ll go out there and perform for the exposure doing so will give me,” said he who counts 2NE1’s “Fire” and “I Don’t Care” singles as ones he is most familiar with.

While waiting for things to fall into place, Young JV is busy tending to his career that continues to gather steam. He is set to release “Don’t Know You,” the latest single from his debut CD, “Ready Or Not.” The song is in collaboration with singer Heide Riego and has a video directed by Treb Monteras II.

“‘Don’t Know You’ talks about taking it slow with someone because you want to get to know that person better before taking the relationship to a different level. We went for a simple and clean look for the video because the song is the feel-good type,” he said.

Meanwhile, Young JV’s Lahing Bayani Foundation continues to make significant strides. It recently donated to the Sagip Kapamilya campaign with Young JV himself delivering the goods to ABS-CBN.

“I also helped repack the goods and joined some of my Kapamilya friends in distributing those in Novaliches,” he said.

The hip hop/R&B artist also uses time between gigs to hone his craft. Young JV is undergoing not only voice and dance lessons, but he is attending acting workshops as well.

“You’ll never know when opportunity will knock. I want to be ready when it does,” said he who is gearing up for a major concert next year with guest performers Billy Crawford and Jay R.

Given the chance, Young JV would like to collaborate with either Rachelle Ann Go or Sarah Geronimo in a way that’s similar to Gary Valenciano’s team-up with rock band Sponge Cola.

Young JV recently performed at the Private Secondary School Administrators Association of the Philippines 2009 Mr. PRISAAP event held in Iloilo City at the Centennial Resort Hotel. The artist himself won the MR. PRISAAP title in 2006.

He also performed at the AFP Educational Benefit System recognition night titled “Salute To Success,” which had AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Victor S. Ibrado as guest of honor.

Young JV endorses apparel company Marc Ecko.

credits: manila bulletin + asianfanatics

Remember to Tweet Dara’s Birthday!

We all know that Nov 12, is Dara’s birthday! In connection to that, letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com is supporting our fellow blackjack wwlyna and emblazedparadox in their WAY OF SHOWING THE WHOLE WORLD HOW THEY LOVE DARA PARK.

Here’s how..



We’re going to make #happybdaydara trending topic on TWITTER for our beloved Krung Krung, Sandara Park of 2NE1.

So, if you don’t have a twitter, pLease create a TWITTER account now. Just follow this Link: TWITTER

Take Note of this few little guidelines that you HAVE to follow in order for this to make the Trending Topics list:

1. DO NOT SPAM! Your tweet should not look like this:


Because it is not onLy annoying but it WON’T work. That is considered SPAM. Instead, you should put the hash-tag #happybdaydara only ONCE in every tweets just like this:

Dara, You’re the BEST! #happybdaydara
Happy Birthday to the loveliest girl in the world! #happybdaydara
#happybdaydara ~Happy Birthday to Krung Krung Dara! We Love You!

Now, you get the idea.
Actually include a message REFERRING to or FOR SANDARA PARK in your tweet, don’t just stick the hash-tag at the end of your random tweet. You may tweet whatever you want to say to Dara pLease Don’t say something that will offend anyone. Let’s just avoid misunderstandings, okay? It’s for her birthday so let it be something that will make her happy. You may describe her as much as you want to let the whole WorLd know who she is and how great she is… Something Like this:

#happybdaydara ~She is the fresh vocals of the best rookie female group 2NE1.

You can also add a pic in your tweets. Just go to twitpic.com, login your twitter account then upload your pic, add a little message, and it will be directly posted as one of your tweets. pLease don’t forget the hash-tag #happybdaydara to include in your message or caption.

NOTE: Your message should only contain 140 characters. You should make a list (at least 100 =p) of your short messages already so that you can copy and paste it on your twitter or friendbar. That’s what I’m going to do… ^_^

2. Start tweeting at 8:00 AM (Philippine Time) on November 12, 2009!

That is Dara’s official birthdate where she grew up.
These are the times when we should START tweeting. Please look for your country below.


  • South Korea, Japan (Thursday, November 12, 2009  –  9:00 AM)
  • Malaysia, Taipei (Thursday, November 12, 2009  –  8:00 AM)
  • U.S.A – Alabama (Wednesday, November 11, 2009  – 6:00 PM)
  • U.S.A. – New York (Wednesday, November 11, 2009 –  7:00 PM)
  • U.S.A. – California (Wednesday, November 11, 2009  –  4:00 PM)
  • U.K. – England (Wednesday, November 11, 2009  – Midnight)

You can go HERE to figure out what the local time will be! Put in November 12th, 08/8 AM, Philippines – Manila and then find your country/city on the list.


The way trending topics work is for a mass amount of people to tweet the same hash-tag at the same time. If you start doing it earlier than the designated time … It’ll be pointless and it will not make trending topics, which is what we want!


So once I put the link to this post on Twitter, retweet this like crazy. I will be retweeting this like crazy until Wednesday night! I know this is kinda rush, but I know there are A LOT of Dara, 2NE1 fans and YG fans altogether that will make this successful. I’m counting on you guys.

I’ve also had asked bLackjacks and DarLings to do a banner for this activity… I just thought about this so this is kinda late but will be posting up something soon… I’ll be updating this page with the banners/signatures and codes for you to easily post in your blogs (I hope you can put it in your sidebar) andsignatures in every forum sites until November 12, Dara’s Birthday. Let us unite to show our love to Dara.

When I see #happybdaydara on the trending lists, I will screencap it and IF it moves up on the list, then I’ll keep doing it until it disappears. I’m not going to set a time limit. If it disappears, it disappears. I’ll be checking it at thehttp://www.whatthetrend.com/ also to check on aLL the people participating on this.

We all love Dara! She never fails to make us smile in her dorky way. So let’s show Twitter, the World, and Dara how much we Love her. I know this will really touch her since we all know she is a very down-to-earth person.

Please repost this at your bLogs or websites! ^_^

Let’s make this happen!
Let’s show the WorLd How Much We Love Dara!

Let BLackJacks, V.I.P.s and DarLings Unite!
Let Us Show the WorLd What We Got!

Counting on you,

P.S. If you find a similar project like this. Please let me know his/her contact so we can have this as a joint project. The hash-tag is very important. It should concide.


So that’s all you need to do.

For banners and more information you can visit:



-letsplay2ne1 admins

[11/05/09] Mnet Asian Music Awards update as of 7:00 PM KST

Rookie of the Year

Rank #2 – 2NE1 : 210,927  votes/ 30%

Dance Music

Rank # 3 – 2NE1 ( I Don’t Care) : 113,005 / 16%

Best Music Video Picture

Rank # 2 – 2NE1 (Fire) : 149,225 / 21%

MNET Music Portal Downloads

Rank # 1 – 2NE1 : 1022006 votes

Mobile Choice

Rank # 7 – 2NE1 : 358 / 5%

CGV Choice Award

Rank # 6 – 2NE1 : 5571 / 7%

Overseas Viewers’ Award

Rank # 9 – 2NE1 ( I Don’t Care) : 1050 / 0%

Song of the year

Rank # 6 – 2NE1 ( I Don’t Care) : 21,547 / 3%

Facts and Figures from mama.mnet.com

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110509- DARA’s me2day UPDATESSS

darame2daywah어젯밤.. 문득든생각! 우리 데뷔초엔 얼굴팩을 열심히했엇는데 요즘은 안한지 꽤 된거같아서 오랜만에 모멤버과 함게 팩을하기로햇다. 냉장고에 미리 넣어둬야시원하게 할수있는데 그럼 시간이 오래걸릴거같았다! 그래서… 뚜둥!

Last night.. suddenly I thought! When we debuted it was hard and we had to wear face packs, but these days it’s quite leisurely and it’s been a while since the members put on the packs together. We put them in the refrigerator for a while and they will soon be ready for you! And so…Ddoodoong!

credits & thanks: me2day& aa-chan for trans <3

Long time no me2day update from our me2day queen heh? kekeke <3.
i loveeee it thoughh! BTW is that a beer earrings she is showing? keke
cass cf? :D

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[YGEnt Related] HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOP-SAMA! GD’s me2day update!


TOP-sama’s Birthday!

gd091104톱사마의탄죠비를기념하여 비끄방이직접케익을만들었다!근데망했어..ㅜ암튼 생일추카해 맹∼∼

To celebrate Top-sama’s birthday, we made a BIG BANG cake! But it looks really ugly..ㅜ Oh well, Happy Birthday~~

Credits: me2day + aa-chan for trans!

Happy Birthday Top!!! A little late but we all wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wish you good health and  a happy life! Enjoy Japan! Bigbang GANBATTE!!

Bigbang will be forever!