Blackjacks prepare more for Dara’s birthday!


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Different Faces of Dara


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Photo Of The Day: MBLAQ Thunder transform as his sister Sandara Park


Photo Of The Day! MBLAQ Thunder has made a surprising transformation into his sister 2NE1 Sandara Park.

MBLAQ will be up as challengers on Mnet ‘The Art Of Seduction’, a reality program. In the episode of the show to be aired on 4th November, the boys were given the mission to invite from production team to respected stars to social celebrities for their fanmeeting.

And amongst the mission, Thunder was seen in long hair transforming as his sister2NE1 Sandara Park. He had then worn on a long hair wig for SeungHo who was practising card magic so as to meet top star Jeon JiHyun. The appearance of him in long hair resembled his elder sister much.


Dara and Thunder Show Sibling Love with Matching Hairstyles?


After the Power of Love Concert, power siblings Dara andThunder of 2NE1 and MBLAQ are back to show their brother-sisterly love yet again with matching… hairstyles?

Although the oh-so-dorky Dara is known for her 4D ways, it looks like her brother is, well, stealing her thunder with some hilarious antics. On MNet‘s The Art of Seduction, MBLAQ’s new reality program, the boys were given a mission to invite kpop’s top stars for their fan meeting. Netizens are abuzz with the discovery that Thunder wore a long hair wig to meet top-star Jeon Ji Hyun! With this wig, he looked like none other than his sister, Sandara.

Stay tuned to the first episode today as Rain will also make a surprise appearance, at 6PM KST.

credit: allkpop