110209 Dara updates twice!!


앗!뽀인트만 쏙~!빼구보내버렷네요ㅋ오는 8일날 인기가요에서 화려하게 첫방송을 하는 그분아시죠?네~ 바로 퉤니원의 춘여사죠! 춘여사를 응원하기 위해다른 세명의멤바들이 공방을뛴다고합니다! 여러분도 같이 공방콜!?콜!^.^ 쪼아~! 마니 응원해주세용~

Ah! Pointman~! Watching volleyballㅋ On the 8th at Inkigayo, would you like to see a wonderful broadcast? Yes~ Really 2NE1’s Mrs Choon! Mrs Choon will cheer up the other three members when they go to the studio! Everybody, will you go!? Go!^.^ Yay~! Please give a lot of help~


안녕하십니까?! 퉤니원의 홍보팀 다라리포타입니다! 날씨가 급격히추워졌지요? 퉤니들의 옷차림도 점점 두꺼워지고있네요 마치… 퉤니와 랙잭들의 사랑이 날이갈수록두꺼워지는거마냥…^.^캭! 네 그렇습니다!!! 감기조심하세용~~~!!!

Hi there?! It’s 2NE1 Public Relations Team’s Dara the Reporter! Has the weather suddenly turned cold? 2NE1’s attire is gradually getting thicker together…As time goes on 2NE1’s love for the Black Jacks will get thicker too…^.^ Kyak! I think so!!! Be careful of the cold~~~!!!

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Bom’s practicing huh?

Park Bom to debut on Inkigayo with “You and I”

A piece of good news for the Blackjacks!

We recently discussed about the possibilities of Park Bom‘s performing her new solo single, You and I on stage. Well, we were definitely right, for Park Bom is now preparing for her first stage to start off her promotion! I guess the power of the fans’ love can make anything possible.

YG Entertainment expressed that they had been staying away from promoting Park Bom’s solo, just like Dara with her, Kiss single. Dara’s song topped the various music charts, but did not go on any further other that. They had believed that a special promotion will throw them off focus from their November album release.

A representative from YG stated on the 2nd, “Recently, the release of 2NE1‘s new album got delayed, clearing the path for Park Bom to promote her single. Because of the love we received, we will not be rushing to complete this (2NE1) album. We will work hard to make sure that every song is of a title song calibre.”

Park Bom, obviously nervous for her very first stage without her fellow 2NE1 girls by her side, said “I am very happy these days, but am feeling the added pressure. I will try my best to be beneficial to my 2NE1.” She is currently in a hectic training schedule from day to night, so that she can keep her promise to be the best.

Her anticipated stage will be unveiled on November 8th through * Inkigayo.


* I omitted something

More Power of Love Fan-taken pictures!


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I’m loving this fanarts!


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110209 Minzy’s me2day update


Good morning~! The weather is really cold today~ Take care and put on plenty of warm clothes!

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