Kush updates about the Album

Kush’s ‘The music that captured me’

Kush(Real name Kim Byunghoon, 25 yrs old) is a member of Stony Skunk with four full-length albums, and is an experienced musician. Right now he is active as an essential composer and producer in YG Entertainment along with Teddy. Kush, who’s only in his mid-twenties, has participated in many ‘popular’ singer’s song’s such as Gummy(’Sorry’ Lyrics-Composing), Taeyang(’Only Look at Me’ Lyrics-Composing done with Teddy), Um Junghwa(’DISCO’ Lyrics-Composing done with Teddy), Daesung(’Look at Me Gwisoon’, Composing done with G-Dragon), Bigbang’s Second Album, 2NE1’s First Mini Album etc. This straightforwardly proves that he has made his ‘brand name’ firm regardless of the quality of his songs. Kush, who’s working on 2NE1’s Second Mini Album that’s planning to be released in November day and night, answered all the questions while coughing and said, “Sorry. Because my days and nights are swapped up, I catch colds easily”.

we are working with the translations soon<3 IDK if it’s a MINI-ALBUM or an ALBUM. We still need to confirm it.


3 thoughts on “Kush updates about the Album

  1. with dara and bom single likely to occupy 2 slot on the album…. i doubt that this is a mini album. either way… I can’t wait…. i don’t care whether it is a full or a mini at this point.

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