JYP made a song for YG for Park Bom’s Solo?

note: NOT recent

this was  written 3 YEARS AGO (2007). XD please don’t be confused.

Park Bom’s first album is planned to come out this fall, but we are thinking of releasing a song and few pictures around May.

We are first going to release it through online, Parkbom’s title song has been made by Park Jin Young and it’s called “Scarecrow”. This is probably the first time a YG singer sings a song made by JYP.

I’m close with JYP, DJ DOC, and Psy but a few months ago, I was joking around with JYP and asked him to write a song for park bom but he really did. For free too. I felt that being a sunbae was really nice but when I meet Psy it’s not so pleasent. He always asks me to eat out and I’m the one that has to pay.

Anyways, when i first heard “scarecrow” i felt it was going to be good. It has a great feeling of Park Jin Young and a very nice SLOW song. 
He has completed this in between his busy schedule but i never had the chance to say thanks so i’d like to take this time to say thank you to Park Jin Young.

Oh yeah~ One day, Park Jin Young called me from America and said “Hyung~ this is big news.” He says that Kim Gun Mo will be releasing a song named “scarecrow” too. We were going to change it but deceided to leave it alone.
It’s an honor for Park Bom…^^
We’ll start promoting during May.

CREDIT:  shenyuepop + sw8et_vietgurl@ soompi

Oh, so Bom really was to debut as a soloist. hahaha, and they said that YG jokingly asked JYP to make a song and JYP really did it. lol.

okay,  This was the initial plan for her LONG AGO :)

Now, BOM is now part of 2NE1 as the main vocal. XD


2 thoughts on “JYP made a song for YG for Park Bom’s Solo?

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  2. SHe would’ve been great as a solo singer! ^^ haha The Entertainment company “bosses” seem really close :D hehe funny story :)

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