Did Park Bom get eyelid surgery?

2NE1’s Park Bom is often accused by netizens to have gotten eyelid surgery, on top of many facial enhancements. Unlike many others of the Asian descent, her eyelids are similar to Caucasian eyelids. She has a clear crease that folds intensely on her eyelid.

Many celebrities do get eyelid surgery though. Some have even admitted about going under the knife for not only their eyes, but noses, jawbones and everything else that can be altered. For example, Yuri and Baek Ji Young admitted to getting eyelid surgery and Seo In Young admitted to getting her nose done.

Eyelid surgery is done to make a crease in your eyelid so that your eyes look naturally bigger. Many Asians who feel they have smaller eyes do this to make their eyes pop out a little more. In Korea, this is considered a common 18th birthday gift. That’s why it’s not considered a bad thing in Korea. You’re not looked down upon for getting this type of surgery, but people notice easily, especially so, if you have a surgery-gone-wrong incident.

Though Park Bom hasn’t come out to clear up whether or not she has undergone surgery, people speak about her as if she’s already admitted to it. Netizens commented, “She’s so pretty. I just hope she doesn’t do any more surgery,” “I’m not an anti or a big fan but her eyes just look unnatural,” “She’d be cute without the surgery.”

Park Bom is known for her cute face that looks like a bunny, but do you think the pictures alone prove she’s gone under the knife? Or are the netizens just desperate to pick out a flaw on this talented girl?



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