I Don’t Care moments on Infinity Challenge

credits & thanks: zombiepeople21@youtube


103109- Dara’s & CL’s me2day update

darame2dayy아~ 설레인다~!!!ㅋ오늘은 이쁜 누나 컨셉이에요!!!^.^ 사랑나눔콘서트가면 만날 남자가있거든요!!! 오늘은 큰누나포스다~! 전 언제나 착한 언니 혹은 누나라구욧!집에서두 팀에서두~!^.^V 믿음직스럽죠?!

Ah~ my heart’s throbbing~!!!ㅋ Today the concept is a pretty older sister look!!!^.^ I wonder if I’ll meet a handsome man at the Love Concert!!! Today is a big older sister pose~! Before, I was a good older sister or troublesome! At home from two teams~!^.^V Can you believe it?!

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