090909 TamTamTV + BOM teaches “Don’t Touch my remocon”




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090909 Dara updates 4 times AGAIN!!

dara's me2day


우리 스탭분들이랑 모여서 지금까지의 명장면들 봤어요ㅋ밍끼의 메라와의 대화ㅋ메라한테 이쁜짓하기 등등ㅋ귀엽네요!^

Translation: We gathered together with the staff and we’re watching our favorite clips until now haha Minzy and her conversation with Mera(t/n: nickname given for caMera) haha Being cute for Mera and etc. haha how adorable! ^^

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2NE1 is doing some charity!!


charity22 charity2222

I’ll do some romanizing here. hahah

uri hamkke huimangeul niweoyo

it’s like “let us hope together!

uri– we/us hamkke – together huimang– hope

niweoyo = IDK!!!

hahaha. mian. idk what’s niweoyo

CREDITS: yg-with.com + elavip @ ygsecret21


*YG Music Service opened. YG is selling songs at their own website(http://music.ygeshop.com). They are selling very very high quality music (each song atleast over 30mb) in various different versions:

-AR(All recorded, the song on the cd)
-MR(Music Recorded, can hear everything but the vocals, so this is what they use on live stages)
-ACCA(Acapella, no instrumental, you can hear only the voices)
-INST(Instrumental, no vocals or choruses)
-PACKAGE(all the four in one, 13% cheaper)

Prices are high- they are around 1000-1200 won which is about a little over a dollar per version of the song. If you buy it in a package it’s about 4000won(approx $4). They are planning on updating all the previous albums that YG released(which probably means like 1TYM, Jinusean etcetc). You can hear a 30sec perview of the songs. They only have Heartbreaker, Friend(TOP & Taeyang’s OST album), 2NE1’s first mini album and Gara Gara Go in service.


*They are ending 2NE1 and Bigbang TV with 12 episodes (was planning on only doing 10 episodes). Last week they did episode 10 and 11 in a row, so this week’s episode’s going to be the last one(on Sept 9). They don’t know if they’ll start again.

*Lotte Cinema is doing a special event ‘Birth Night Party’ to celebrate their 10th anniversary. They are having a talk show with Kim Haneul(actress) and Wang Sukhyun(actor) and a mini concert inviting 2NE1, G-Dragon, After School etc. This event will start on October 16 at 11:30PM until the next day at 4:30AM.

*Sandara is first for ‘most visitors at Cyworld minihompy’ for three consecutive weeks. Sandara has had 181,611 visitors for the last week (8/30-9/6). Park Bom is 9th having 91,104 visitors.
G-Dragon’s ‘Heartbreaker’ is first for Cyworld minihompy’s background music. 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ is 7th.


*Sandara Park’s ‘Kiss’ is doing well on online music charts being first for Cyworld’s and Bug’s real-time music charts.

by Beau @ bbvipz + YGLADIES

BOM’s for the 4thtime DARA’s me2day update for the third time in 090909; woww!

BOM me2day2bomme2day0909093지금 우린 식사중~~^^ㅋㅋㅋ옆에서“술을가저와라~!”라며..떼쓰는 싼토끼 다라ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: We’re eating right now~~^^ hahaha SsanTokki next to me is nagging.. “Bring out the alcohol” next to me hahaha

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2NE1’s Sandara Park’s solo debut song ‘Kiss”s music video and Cass will proceed together. A lot of interest is rising.


As soon as Sandara’s digital single came out online on the 7th, it instantly rose to the #1 spot on the Bugs Chart and of course rose to high positions cyworld, doshirak, Mnet, grabbing a lot of attention. Sandara Park’s solo song will be introduced in the ‘Cass’ advertisement on the 10th, however she will not be performing solo activities.

In this Cass ad, the song sang by Sandara Park dizzly & tingly depicts a bad-type love story of deceitful, deadly temptations, unfolding between the charming boy Lee Minho who’s got it all, and the stylish and edgy bartender Sandara Park.

In the last Cass2X Campaign, Lee Minho sang the song that gathered huge popularity ‘Extreme’. Sandara Park who also participates in the ad, will be following up and lot of interest is arising over what kind of topics will be released from her youth-capturing song.

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