FANPICTURES of 2ne1 in Konyang University Event!

These are fanpictures of 2ne1 in the event of Konyang University. Fancam has been shared and you can look back here! We can see our girls in semi-pajamas clothes? I love it though. They still look awesome! THANKS DC2ne1, 삐약이민지 / The2ne1hour

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100227 Minzy and Dara’s me2day updates!

DARA’s me2day updates!

여긴 우리 신사옥 새연습실!!! 완전 좋아요~!^.^

Our new practice rooms!!! They’re totally awesome~!^.^

랙잭~ 메롱~!!!ㅋ

Black Jacks~ *sticks out tongue*~!!!ㅋ

MINZY’s me2day update!
Under the cut <3

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